Grotamar 82 - 200 ml

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Biocide for Diesel Fuel

Grotamar® 82 takes the highly effective anti-microbial ingredient used in grotamar® 71 and adds to it a new protective formula to prevent premature fuel degradation caused by ageing, and to protect steel, copper and other non-ferrous metals in fuel systems against corrosion. It disperses easily and rapidly in all types of diesel fuels and bio-diesel and requires no premixing. It is available in a 200 ml litre bottles which is sufficient as a preventive against diesel bug for 800 litres of fuel. Where heavy bio-sludge is present a higher dose rate is required.

Modern bio-diesel is known to promote the growth of diesel bug and it degrades in storage within a few months leaving deposits in the fuel tank which can block filters and affect engine performance. To avoid an increase in diesel bug problems boat owners need to regularly monitor the condition of their fuel tanks and systems for microbial contamination and use grotamar® 82 for long term protection of the fuel system.

grotamar®82 – what’s different and better?

  • specifically developed for modern diesel fuels, including biodiesel and low sulphur fuels
  • new protective formula to prevent premature fuel degradation caused by ageing
  • fast and highly effective against bacteria, yeasts and moulds
  • excellent long-term protection for fuel tanks, pipes and engines
  • rapid and complete dispersion in all fuels – no mixing required
  • no corrosive combustion products
  • corrosion protection for steel, aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous metals

Preventive dose: 200ml per 800 litres of fuel

Shock dose: 200 ml per 200 litres of fuel