Rope Cutter for Shaft (Split) - 35mm

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The most common Rope Cutter installed to Hallberg-Rassy Yachts.

Easy to install.

Require a minimum of Shaft Space.

Manufactured in Stainless Steel 316L.

See dimensions in the series of photos attached for this product:

ø A : 35 mm

ø B : 100 mm

ø C : 17,5 mm


Distance required for fitting the Rope Cutter:

Rule of Thumb:

In front of the Rope Cutter, between the Rope Cutter and Cutlass Bearing, should be a minimum distance of 50% of the Shaft diameter.

Example: For a 35mm Shaft, you would require 35mm/2 = 17,5mm between Front Surface of the Rope Cutter and the aft edge of the Cutlass Bearing. This space is to allow for Propeller and Engine motions.

The 35mm Rope Cutter also require 17,5mm distance on the shaft. Total required space on the shaft 17,5mm + 17,5mm = 35 mm. 

If you have a Shaft with a P-Bracket construction, the situation is a little different and other requirements could rule.